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Spring & Fall Clean Ups
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Ongoing services:
• Complete Lawn Maintenance
• Spring, Summer , Fall Fertilization
• Weekly or Bi-weekly lawn cutting

After a new landscape is installed, it will need to be taken care of depending on the size, elements and plant materials used.  In addition to mowing, simple landscapes may require only a spring cleanup, trimming and weed control in the Summer, and a leaf cleanup in the fall. However, more extensive landscapes may require more frequent care. We can offer you a maintenance plan, or a customized schedule to do it yourself.

Landscape Maintenance Services we offer:

Spring Cleanup includes edging, cleaning, weeding and mulching of landscape beds. Any pruning or trimming of plants will be done at this time, and an herbicide will be applied to prevent new weed seeds from germinating. Mulching landscape beds helps retain moisture in the soil, which reduces need for watering. Mulching helps prevent weed growth and makes it easier to pull weeds out and improves your soil condition.

Summer Cleanup includes additional trimming, deadheading, fertilization of plantings, as well as weed control when needed.

Fall Cleanup includes cleaning up leaves and branches in beds or water features to prepare the landscape for the dormant winter months.

Professional Lawn Maintenance

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Commercial • Residential • Home Owners Assoc. (HOA)

Convenience of Lawn Care

Lawn Care service is something that can benefit both home and business owners. It isn’t always feasible to get to your lawn mowed on a regular basis. There is only so much time during the week and weekends should be used to relax and enjoy life. We offer high quality lawn mowing, weeding, edging and hedge trimming with great pricing.

We also offer season-specific lawn application processes (nutrients, slow release fertilizers, and treatments). Our certified turf experts will have your home or commercial lawn, trees, and shrubs looking absolutely spectacular!

We also offer discounts for clients who pay by the season and can take payment via cash, card, PayPal, or check.

Plant Care & Garden Planting

We will help you choose the right plants based on your current or new landscape, your taste and your budget. Once we have completed the project, we can give you specific instructions on how to care for your plants or new garden. We will set you up for success with your new landscape, but ongoing care is necessary. Some helpful tips are below:

Important Components of Plant Care:

  • Light – Full Sun, Partial Shade, Shade. We will help you choose plants based on your landscape or whether you prefer color or texture, or both. Water – You can kill your plants with kindness by overwatering them. This is the most common mistake made by homeowners. If the leaves turn yellow, you are overwatering. If they turn brown and dry up, you are not giving your plants enough water. Mulching your gardens is a good way to regulate the amount of moisture your plants need.
  • Food/Fertilization – There are many ways to fertilize your plants. (1) Water soluble fertilizers, mixed with water. (2) Spikes that are a solid food pushed directly into the soil to release nutrients. (3) Granular food which is sprinkled around the base of your plants, then watered in. (4) Compost is similar to mulching; however you are using nutrient rich soil to spread around the base of your plants.
  • Repotting – if you have container gardens and the roots of your plants are growing out of the drainage hole, this is a sure sign that you need to move your plant to a larger pot
  • Weeding – A two to three inch layer of mulch will help to retain moisture, keep the soil cool, and reduce the development of weeds. Weed killers can be dangerous to your other plants, so the best way is just to remove them. Mulching makes this much easier



Our Lawn Care Program

  • Early Spring:  Crabgrass control, Broadleaf control and slow release fertilizer
  • Late Spring: Crabgrass control, treatment for broadleaf weeds, slow release fertilizer plus insect control
  • Summer: Spot weed kill, monitor for feeding insects
  • Early Fall: Aereate lawn, apply starter fertilizer, plant new seed
  • Late Fall: Slow release fertilizer


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Residential & Commercial Spring & fall mulching application

Mulches also simplify lawn mowing around trees and shrubs. A ring of mulch allows you to bring your lawn mower right up to the edge of the mulch, eliminating the need for string weeders. At the same time you are protecting tree trunks and surface roots from damage by mowing and clipping equipment.

Types of Mulch we use:

Organic: Bark, Wood Chips, Pine Straw, Shredded Leaves, Crushed Stone


Snow Removal

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Gerharts Landscaping Services offers the highest quality snow & ice management around. Our team is equipped with the latest equipment and best techniques to safely remove the snow and ice from your business or home.

Offering the following services to Commercial & HOA communities

  • Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • De-Icing Services
  • Hauling
  • Skid steer Services

Short & long term agreements available