Hardscaping – Stone Walls

Stone Walls are designed for holding back soil such as a sloping hill, raised patio, garden walls, terraces, tree rings, or planters. It is very important to properly plan, design, and construct a retaining wall to ensure it functions properly, safely, and remains intact for a lifetime. Natural Stone walls are complex and a very difficult component of any landscape installation.

Natural Stone Walls

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If you are looking to level a steep slope or enclose an area for a decorative garden, a natural stone wall may be just what you need. Whatever your taste, we can help you find the perfect materials to blend in with your existing home landscape. A difficult terrain or steep incline might be hard for you to imagine as a usable backyard space? That’s why we have quality hardscape professionals available with expertise and knowledge to answer your questions and help you execute your dream design.

Our craftsmen make it easy to build a variety of stone wall projects including curves or corners. A stone wall provides unlimited design flexibility, durability and is well suited to all residential and commercial use. We can help you through the whole process from start to finish.

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